What People Are Saying

Amazing Grace Reviews

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you have brought to this time in our lives. Your wisdom, clarity, steadiness, experience and love. Thank you with all my heart”  //  Donna, Malibu

“It was the most memorable and special day in our lives. Thank you for keeping me sane and making it more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!” //  Ellie, Santa Monica

“The highlight of the evening was the three times (our daughter) Annie came to thank us and say that the party was everything she’d dreamed it would be!” //  Mary Beth, Pacific Palisades

“The day of the service was one of those rare, perfect days where everything came together to lift us to the heights of love and connectedness, both human and divine!”  //  Nicky, Beverly Hills

“You took what could have been a source of stress and anxiety and turned it into something wonderful. Your kindness, attention to detail, talent, sensitivity and love were and are so appreciated.”  //  Tina, Bel Air

“The party was beautiful, unique and stylish thanks to your hard work — our guests fell in love with you and your staff.”  //  Wendy, Brentwood

“You put “amazing” in Amazing Grace!”  //  Marla, Beverly Hills