Candy is Dandy

For Matthew’s Bar Mizvah we created a fantasy candy stand. After all, nobody doesn’t like movie candy…


We added to the retro atmosphere with a few flapper-clad candy girls, and personalization of each element with Matthew’s name completed the decor.


Everyone agreed that Candy is Dandy!

Amazing Grace Design

Dressed Up Desserts

With sweets a regular part of a teen’s life, it’s a challenge to find new ways to delight the party palate.


A copious candy bar and an endless parade of tricked out treats do the trick.

Desserts - Amazing Grace Design

Sprinkling the desserts with the party’s theme colors takes the sugar fest to another level.


Photography by Gold/Wong

Make it Yours


What’s our secret to making a party unique? We go all out to personalize every element that the guest experiences. Straws can announce the party girl’s name, and a perfume-making activity should finish with a proper Chanel bottle with the party girl’s name printed on the label.


Take a Seat!

The party is underway, and it’s time for dinner. The hostess has spent hours determining where her guests will sit, and with whom!

Take a Seat//Amazing Grace Design

It’s our job to make the seating assignments as much fun as possible, carrying the party’s theme to the table numbers.


A party about food? You’ll find your name and table listed on a waitress pad. Sports party? Look for your ticket stub.


Font and layout — and even flowers — can always set the mood… so that everyone winds up in the right chair.

How Sweet It Is


Nobody doesn’t get a grin on their face when they sidle up to one of our Candy Bars.

Candy Bar // Amazing Grace Design

Some of these treats are so special they were flown in for the party.  We’re not saying which — but it’s not the Fonuts that are sitting on top of the glasses of milk. Those are made right here in LA.


Dodger Blue


Dodger Bar Mitzvah

Picking a venue is half the journey of planning the perfect party. With a name like Nolan, Dodger Stadium was a dream location for this bar mitzvah party.

Dodger Bar Mitzvah

From a design that imbedded LA into NoLAn, to table numbers printed like ticket stubs, we personalized the exciting experience of being in a world-class venue to make this young man’s milestone moment a home run.

Dodger Bar Mitzvah

Photography by Gold/Wong

It’s An Instagram World!

Amazing Grace DesignEveryone wants to have their photo taken for use on social media. A few props and an original background (in this case, inspired by Barbara Kruger) helps make the photos worthy of posting.